Physibles today

Here’s the post on the Pirate Bay blogwhere they announced their new physibles category, for printable item design sharing.

As of today, there are plenty of liberator guns, some joke items, a monster head (!) and this: a STL file with the design for a Guy Fawkes mask, face of the fashionable Anonymous fellow.

Guy Fawkes mask STL

Guy Fawkes mask STL

Interested in 3D printing? Start here!

The folks over at Make have published the Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing, which is available on demand as a PDF for $7. It offers:

  • Choosing a printer that’s perfect for you
  • Getting started once you have a printer
  • Software choices for CAD, CAM, and printer control
  • Options for 3D printing without a printer
  • Gallery of coolest and most useful prints
  • Detailed list of materials options
  • Options for scanning objects to print
  • Inspirational 3D printing applications in medicine
  • 3D printed objects that are on the market today
  • Tons of resources

Makezine does a great job of covering the hobbyist maker scene, so this guide is probably the best aggregate source of information on 3D printing available right now. If you’re interested in getting started with 3D printing this would be a great starting point. Enjoy!


Printable guns

The inevitable release of a functional design for a gun that can be printed on a 3D printer occurred this week. This increases the potential for unregulated ownership of firearms. Whether this will mean a change in crime statistics, or the commonality of gun ownership, it is an irrevocable development in our culture that we now need to address. This is only one way in which the convenience and potential in home fabrication will bring cultural change.

I believe it is likely that, in the future, most people will be using sex toys they printed at home, or had printed by an on-demand service. They may have had a hand in tailoring it to suit their particular desires to a greater or lesser extent. I foresee people who would not feel comfortable entering an establishment that sells sex toys, or even ordering them online, fabricating them on the spot in their home office. Artists can release designs and some smart company is going to provide a tailored CAD customization tool that produces a design written to suit the individual.

In both cases, it will be interesting to observe.